PIC Mapping

PIC-maps of three CaCO3 biominerals, in which hue and brightness indicate the in-plane c-axis angle (vertical = cyan) and the brightness represents the off-plane c-axis angle (into the beam = black, in plane = full brightness colors). PIC-mapping works equally well in calcite, aragonite, and vaterite, as shown above in Mytilus californianus prismatic calcite, in nacre from a Pinctada margaritifera pearl, and a spicule from the tunicate Herdmania momus.

Polarization-dependent Imaging Contrast (PIC) mapping is a method introduced by Gilbert and her group to display the orientation of the crystaline c-axes carbonate biominerals.

PIC-mapping has been steadily improving since it was first introduced it in 2007(1), and is now fully quantitative in 2D(1-10), and most recently in 3D(11-13).

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