Current Group

Cayla A. Stifler, 6th year grad student in Physics at UW-Madison, focusing on crystal orientations in tooth enamel, expected defense Dec. 2022.


Connor A. Schmidt, 3rd year grad student in Chemistry at UW-Madison, focusing on synthetic CaCO3 crystallization and coral skeleton formation, expected defense Dec 2024.


Emily Luffey, 1st year grad student in Biophysics at UW-Madison.


Isabelle LeCloux, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in Chemical Engineering, expected graduation Spring 2024.


Virginia Quach, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in Biochemistry with a certificate in Environmental studies, expected graduation Spring 2023.


Gabriela Barreiro Pujol, UW-Madison undergrad.
Jaden Sengkhammee, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in Physics, expected graduation Spring 2023.
Evan J. Walch, UW-Madison undergrad sophomore, majoring in mechanical engineering, expected graduation Spring 2024.


CP Breit, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in biology and zoology, expected graduation Spring 2024.
Connor N. Klaus, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in Biology and Chemistry, expected graduation Fall 2022.
Isaac Koehler, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in physics and mathematics, expected graduation Spring 2023.
Tia Sika, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in Biochemistry.
Shloka Mohanty, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in physics or chemistry, expected graduation Spring 2025.
Oliver Parmekar, UW-Madison undergrad, majoring in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies, expected graduation Spring 2024.
Maddie Patton, UW-Madison Undergrad, majoring in biology, expected graduation Spring 2024.
Annie Purisch, UW-Madison undergrad majoring in physics, expected graduation Spring 2025.
Connor L. Foust, UW-Madison undergrad majoring in Physics, Astrophysics, and Math, expected graduation spring 2023.

Some Recent Collaborators

Andrew H. Knoll at Harvard
Kristin D. Bergmann at MIT
Markus J. Buehler at MIT
Tali Mass University of Haifa, Israel
Sylvie Tambutte at Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Elia Beniash at University of Pittsburgh

Cameron Currie at UW-Madison

Lia Addadi at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Steve Weiner at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Fred Wilt at UC-Berkeley
Susan N. Coppersmith at UW-Madison

Jillian F. Banfield at UC-Berkeley

John S. Evans at New York University
Robert W. Carpick at UPenn
Kenneth H. Nealson at University of Southern California
G. Michael Bancroft at University of Western Ontario
John W. Valley at UW-Madison
Judd M. Aiken and Debbie McKenzie, UW-Madison
Daniel Ariosa at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Giorgio Margaritondo at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Tiziana Parasassi at the Italian National Research Council, Rome, Italy
Francesca Bertani at San Raffaele Hospital, Rome, Italy
Roberto Pallini, Catholic University of Rome, Italy
Delio Mercanti and M. Teresa Ciotti at the Italian National Research Council, Rome, Italy

A few of the Alumni

Celeo Matute Diaz
Max Xiong
Asiya Ahmed
Sydney Davison
Robert Murphy
Benjamin I. Fordyce
GG Lab Manager, UW-Madison graduate 2020
Jiaqi Li
Post-doc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Bledat Gjinolli
UW-Biology major
Benjamin Harding
UW graduate student in Biophysics
Jamie North
Carleton College
Jack H. Brau
UW undergraduate student, majoring in Physics
(615) 715-1267
Chang-Yu Sun
UW graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering
(608) 772-7910
Drue Hood-McFadden
UW undergraduate student, majoring in Physics
(815) 742-2768
Jun “Jay” Zhang
UW Biohysics graduate student
(309) 323-7093
Matthew J. Frazier
UW undergraduate physics student
(262) 203-3009
Annie Whisson
UW undergraduate Materials Science student
(708) 301-5005
Anthony J. Giuffre
UW-Physics former post-doc, stationed in Berkeley, now in Ohio
Christopher E. Killian
Now at UC-Berkeley, MCB
(510) 642-2927
Ross DeVol
Now in Industry in Omaha, Nebraska
Adam Z. Blonsky
Undergrad Physics major, now graduate student in Physics at CU-Boulder
Erin Monahan
Now at UW-Milwaukee, Vet School
Yutao Gong
Ph.D. in Physics, 2013, Now staff scientist at FDA
Ian C. Olson
M.S. in Materials Science, 2013. Now at Epic
Narayan P. Appathurai
Now staff scientist at the Canadian Light Source
Rebecca Metzler, PhD in Physics 2010, now Associate Professor of Physics at Colgate University
Vasily Trubetskoy
now graduate student at the University of Chicago
Audra L. Amasino
now graduate student at MIT