Pupa Gilbert (née Gelsomina De Stasio)
Research Group

The Gilbert Group

Chang-Yu Sun
UW Materials Science graduate student
(608) 772-7910

Cayla Stifler
UW Physics graduate student
(717) 659-4869

Matthew J. Frazier
UW undergraduate physics student
(262) 203-3009

Annie Whisson
UW undergraduate Materials Science student
(708) 301-5005

A few of the Alumni

Anthony J. Giuffre
UW-Physics former post-doc, stationed in Berkeley, now in Ohio

Christopher E. Killian
Now at UC-Berkeley, MCB
(510) 642-2927

Ross DeVol
Now in Industry in Omaha, Nebraska

Adam Z. Blonsky
Now at CU-Boulder, Physics

Erin Monahan
Now at UW-Milwaukee, Vet School

Yutao Gong
Ph.D. in Physics, 2013

Ian C. Olson
M.S. in Materials Science, 2013

Narayan P. Appathurai
now in India

Rebecca Metzler
now faculty at Colgate University

Vasily Trubetskoy
now at University of Chicago

Audra L. Amasino
now at MIT